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Current tool chest

This is a collection of tools and things that I use on a daily basis that I just want to have written down somewhere. Maybe they’re useful for you too.


  • 1Password - I tried Bitwarden, hosting an open source version myself, but nothing quite works as seamlessly as 1Password. I’ll keep giving them my money until something better comes along.
  • Plexamp - I have a lot of music. Many old and rare albums that just aren’t available on streaming services. And I’m continually finding and purchasing more. Plexamp gives me all the best of what a streaming service can offer, but with my music library.
  • Sublime Text - I keep giving VS Code a shot, but it just tends to do too much and get in my way more than it helps. I’ll stick with Sublime Text until it either no longer works or VS Code gets better for my workflow.


  • zsh-autosuggestions - Suggests commands from your history without needing to type +R. Hit your key to accept the suggestion, then Enter to run – or keep typing to do something else.
  • Terminalizer - record terminal input/output and create GIFs and videos for sharing how-to and examples.
  • Powerline - Better looking and more informative PS1 and status lines.
  • tmux - terminal multiplexer


  • Logitech MX Master 3 - Get yourself a great mouse.
  • Keychron K6 - Gotta have a keyboard that fits your typing style and feels great.
  • CalDigit TS3 Plus - I switch between my person Mac Mini and work laptop multiple times per day. Enabling me to use the same keyboard and dual monitors (along with the Bluetooth switching on the Logitech MX Master 3), it’s almost like having a KVM that supports USB-C/Thunderbolt.
  • Blue Yeti X microphone on a scissor swing-arm microphone stand - I don’t do much or any streaming anymore, but ensuring that I’m clear in video calls is wonderful.
  • Ember Mug2 - It’s not without flaws, but it sure is nice to have my tea kept hot while I’m working. Nothing’s worse than taking a sip and getting something lukewarm.