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Paul Armstrong

Random thoughts from a Software Engineer specializing in Node.js, JavaScript, and all things web.

· 2 min read

At Microsoft, obviously, we’re required to use Teams for communication (instead of Slack, Google Chat, Discord, etc). I’ll be honest, there is not much that I actually like about Teams. But one of the most minor and frustrating things is how much they’ve limited your ability to express reactions to messages.

· 2 min read

Today marks nine full years of sobriety for me. Just a few weeks ago, my fiance asked me a question that’s been nagging her for a bit.

What can I do to help you celebrate your milesone?

My response surprised even me.

· 3 min read

Working with git can be hard, verbose, and repetitive. I’ve been using this small collection of bash/zsh functions for a few years now and I don’t think I could work without them anymore.

  • main - quickly jump back to the default/HEAD branch of your repo without needing to know what the name of that branch is.
  • rebase - rebase your current branch against the current state of the default/HEAD branch as it is on the remote server.
  • rmbranch - delete your current working branch and move to the default/HEAD branch. Great for PR cleanup!