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Paul Armstrong’s profile picturePaul Armstrong

About Me

Paul Armstrong is an experienced Software Engineer specializing in Node.js, JavaScript, and all things web.


  • Mastodon This is the best place to reach me now.
  • Github @paularmstrong: When will the discussions feature on Github become more normal to use?
  • Twitter @paularmstrong: This was once the best place to reach me. I don’t return here often anymore.
  • Linkedin: This is the least-best place to reach me.
  • Twitch: On hiatus! I had a lot of fun doing some live-streaming with code, but don’t have the time between working fulltime and enjoying life. There may still be some gems in here.

Open source

  • React Component Benchmark: A utility component for React to benchmark time to mount, update, and unmount. Works in production with hooks!
  • Build Tracker: Track the size of your built bundles over time to help deliver the smallest amount of code to your users.
  • reUI: A re-sponsive, re-usable, re-active user interface library for building accessible applications with React and Tailwindcss.
  • Normalizr: Normalizes nested JSON according to a schema. Deprecated, but don’t worry, because it’s still totally cool to use.


I’ve done a few speaking engagements. I am interested in doing more if it seems like the right fit.