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· 5 min read
Paul Armstrong
Multi-part series

In the introduction to this series, we covered the rationale for building a custom wedding website, as well as the requirements that we laid out for ourselves.

Now that we know what we need, it’s time to choose the right tools for the job. From our previously set requirements, the following items stood out as important for what we choose here:

  • Free or very cheap hosting with a custom domain and SSL
  • Invitees must be able to
    • Sign in with their email address and no password (magic link email)
    • Receive automated emails for their invitation and RSVP confirmation
  • All significant information must come from a protected database

· 3 min read
Paul Armstrong

Weddings are expensive. Trying to do one on a budget while following the social norms and expectations of planning and putting on a wedding just don't really mix. After getting engaged, Kelly and I discussed what we did and definitely did not want when it came to our wedding.

Oh hey, I'm getting married!

One of the first things to do that we threw out was the idea of sending paper invites. Not only is it incredibly wasteful, but we had just received a wedding invitation in the mail and it just seemed expensive, tacky, and impersonal. Take this RSVP card option that comes from popular wedding registry website redacted: